Sense and the City

and a Theory of Change This article was originally published in Paul van Schaik’s Urban Hub 21: Coming of Age – Dare to Dream (2020): It can be looked at here (pages 82ff), or bought here. Download the… Read More

Skilled Decision-Making…. is hard to come by

Decision-making processes are largely misunderstood. Based on the number of decisions we make every day in our private and business lives, it is surprising how many people do not even know how to do it: making good decisions.

For many people, decision-making is more like a process of guessing or betting on a result, be that what they eat in a restaurant to choosing a job or investing in the stock market. Many even inform themselves, ask the right questions, but when it comes to the actual decision, they muddle through, decide somehow, and hope for a good result.

Entscheiden unter komplexen Bedingungen

Entscheidungsprozesse sind weitgehend unverstanden Gemessen an der Anzahl an Entscheidungen, die wir tagtäglich in unserem Privat- und Geschäftsleben treffen, ist es erstaunlich, wie viele Menschen gar nicht wissen, wie das geht: gute Entscheidungen treffen. Entscheidungsfindung gleicht für viele… Read More

Company Values and Mindset

are an emergent outcome, not prescribable.  Companies have become aware of the fact that core values – integrity, trust, fairness – can function as attractors that drive beneficial behaviours in the workplace. What they are not getting is… Read More

Vertical Development

and Ways Out Of It: We work with developmental models where they are adequate in order to cope with ever increasing complexity in the VUCA world. We don’t focus on teaching people to think at “higher levels”.