Tools and Methods

We are trained in the use of a multitude of tools that have proven time and again to be effective in solving today’s workplace and leadership challenges.

  • Lectica: Leadership Decision Making Assessment LDMA
  • TLC 360 Assessment – The Leadership Circle / Full Circle Group
  • CTI –  Coaches Trainings Institute Coaching
  • PCM Process Communication Model
  • ORSC – Organizational and Relational Systems Coaching
  • Peter Senge/Otto Scharmer/Joseph Jaworski: Theory U, Presencing
  • AQAL Framework and Integral Theory
  • Bonnitta Roy’s OPO – Open Participatory Organizations
  • Developmental Models; Susanne Cook-Greuter, Bill Torbert, Robert Kegan
  • Robert Kegan’s Immunity to Change Process
  • Dave Snowden’s Cynefin Framework and Cognitive Edge’s Sensemaker®-Tools  
  • Voice Dialogue/ Big Mind Process

We are associated with the following organizations and alliances

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