Tools and Methods

We use a multitude of tools that have proven time and again to be effective in solving today’s life, workplace and leadership challenges. Most of our approaches are geared to operate well in the complex adaptive domain and deal with uncertainty, volatility and ambiguity well as with emergent themes.

Coaching Practices

  •  Transformative Coaching
  • CTI –  Coaches Trainings Institute Coaching
  • PCM Process Communication Model Applications
  • ORSC – Organizational and Relational Systems Coaching

Assessment and Development Tools

  • Lectica: Leadership Decision Making Assessment LDMA
  • TLC 360 Assessment – The Leadership Circle™
  • TLC Team Assessment
  • Cultural and systemic pulse taking: Sensemaker®– Suite

Systemic Approaches and Processes

  • Peter Senge/Otto Scharmer/Joseph Jaworski: Theory U, Presencing
  • AQAL Framework and Integral Theory
  • Bonnitta Roy’s OPO – Open Participatory Organizations
  • Developmental Models; Susanne Cook-Greuter, Bill Torbert, Robert Kegan
  • Robert Kegan’s Immunity to Change Process
  • Dave Snowden’s Cynefin Framework and Cognitive Edge’s Sensemaker®– Suite
  • Voice Dialogue/ Big Mind Process

Download a short overview about our methods and approaches here.


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