Transformation Intensive

“Bring things in order before they exist”.    Tao te Ching

Personal Development & Self-Leadership Course
Next Course: July 20 – 26, 2019 @  Schmagerow, Germany 

This is a practical experiential course on intensive personal change and self-leadership.

The course delivers valuable new perspectives and realizations about our hidden assumptions and thought patterns that operate constantly beyond our awareness. This can open up choices around areas of self-mastery that otherwise hamper our self, relationship, our performance and leadership potential.

You will also learn skills to dissolve limitations, recurring patterns and inner conflicts, strengthening the capacity to create lasting changes both in your personal and professional life.

The course adjusts to your own level of experience and self-knowledge. The insights generated can be directly applied to daily life and work challenges. The course is also suitable for experienced coaches and change agents to deepen transformational skills and impact.

The Transformation Intensive is for people who:

  • Feel held back by recurrent work/life patterns
  • Are interested in learning how to generate insightful solutions from intuition
  • Seek more alignment with who they really are
  • Would like to experience renewed clarity and direction
  • have an inkling that they are flying under the radar
  • are tired of scarcity
  • are in a transition period of in their life
  • are curious about their next growth edge

The course will deepen your innate capacity to:

  • Access the deeper, most hidden mechanisms of change and transformation
  • Balance use of intuitive and analytical modes of seeing
  • Create a reliable structure for integrating different kinds of intelligence into decision making
  • Unleash your potential for vertical development  – from socialized to self-transforming mind
  • Reveal and overcome your immunities to change
  • Strengthen personal integrity, alignment and freedom of action
  • access personal power and develop the skill to prototype
  • get to know some theory context and frameworks around these phenomena

Methods: We use approaches that draw upon our long experience with Integral Theory, the U-Process and Robert Kegan’s Immunity to Change work. The course is not scripted and allows for personalised transformative processes and tools as appropriate. No theoretical knowledge is required; the learning is thoroughly practical and experiential. Methods are content-free and the work is done individually in a group setting.

The course in English and German. Click here for the description in German.
Costs: € 3195,- 



The Course includes 3 coaching hours after the course.
Earlybird until June 26th: 2895,- plus 

VAT; travel, accomodation are excluded. Please ask for information. There are special prices for self-payers and reviewers. If you come in a group of at least 4 people, ererybody gets 20% of the price. You can register here.

Ask us for group discounts, shorter modules, or courses tailored to your group or your business. For other courses in 2019, including courses in Germany, see here.

The course does not include travel and accomodation and food; since this is our own place, we can keep accomodation and food costs at a bare minimum. Ask for assistance with travel arrangements. Nearest airports are Stettin (PL) and Berlin (Tegel, Schönefeld). Next train station: Stettin, Pasewalk, we pick you up.

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3 Comments on “Transformation Intensive

  1. The workshop is a journey in a welcoming and safe environment, it’s carefully crafted and it has been one of the most profound experiences I ever lived. It is diving in your inner self, allowing you to have time to understand how your attention works and see things in a different way. It is a deep discovery of your beliefs and “convenient fictions” which help you navigate a complex reality but also keep you trapped and impose you limits.
    With the guidance of Anne and Johann, highly skilled coaches and the best company you can wish for in a journey like this one, you will be able to awake your own will and reach a higher level of awareness.

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