Personal Transformation

„I have never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.“   Elizabeth Gilbert

Transformation processes can range from simply changing a habit to changing personal realities or shifting paradigms. The journey of transformation is an archetypal universal shift from one reality to another, undergoing some deconstruction of old assumptions and viewpoints before a new reality can emerge.

One of the main problems many people face with that is, that the intrinsic mechanisms of transformative change are neither understood nor mastered.

We offer the how-to for such shifts, be they small or larger scale. 

In our workshops, courses, and coaching we lead participants through their personal transformative journey.

In the training, participants learn about how change works, and how their mechanisms kick in to avoid changing (‘immunity to change’). They learn the skills to dissolve limitations, recurring patterns, and inner conflicts. The approach guides participants further on an experiential, practical path to accomplish profound change in their life. The insights of this course can be directly applied to personal and professional transformation. In the end, the release of internal bottled-up tension, built-up complicatedness, and personal baggage allow for relief, integration, lightness, and fun.

The methods, exercises, and practices presented here are geared toward a shift in being and meaning-making. These processes can be seen through the lenses of Otto Scharmer’s U-Theory or Robert Kegan’s Immunity to Change work. Theory references can be given at any time of the processes, however, theoretical knowledge is not needed. The courses we offer are thoroughly experiential and practical.

Our favourite approaches are:

  • One-on-one personal coaching, in-house, face to face or via Zoom, as a package or as  coaching impulses
  • Tailored assessments of personal capacities in terms of complexity thinking (LDMA, Lectical Decision Making Assessment) or self-understanding (LSUA Lectical Self Understanding Assessment) or communication style (PCM); with debriefs and coaching as a packet.
  • Training Modules for improving Self-Leadership for Leaders, Change Professionals and Coaches
  • Complete personal transformation cycles in residential courses (4 – 7 days): participants take a deep, undisturbed dive into their self-system and learn how to identify hidden sabotage patterns and blockages. They train skills that enable them to dissolve ‘shadow materials’ or destructive habits and recreate new, empowering ones from a much wider choice and clarity. This training is specifically designed to help individuals make those personal and professional changes that are most important to them. This training requires uninterrupted time away from home and the willingness to take a closer look inside.
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