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“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” Joseph Campbell 

The founding partners of EZCP are Johann Entz-von Zerssen, Anne Caspari and Mushin J. Schilling.

Johann Entz- von Zerssen:  Johann is an executive coach, communication consultant and facilitator who is energized by working with people and organizations who are committed to change and willing to embrace new ideas. His humor and playfulness enables clients to engage difficult topics without drama and his directness coupled with intuition and empathy ensures that his clients stay on course of their goals. Hannes works as faculty for the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) since 2005.

Anne Caspari:  Anne is a specialist in change management, a  top coach for personal growth and a process facilitator for organizational change processes. She focuses on deep transformative work in all contexts. In the face of the adaptive complexity, she works with great understanding of human systems and the necessary finesse to integrate resistances and push back. With organizational work, she uncovers systemic design flaws and immunities to change. She also works with leaders and visionaries to help them integrate personal barriers to clarity, power and impact. She is a coach since 2001.

Mushin  J. Schilling:  International Software architect and consultant, change agent since 1988.  CTO for Siryus Software, Pfeffingen, Switzerland. Consultant with emphasis on organizational development and strategy and personal change.



The multiple perspectives we hold and our deep understanding of complex adaptive systems and the human nature allow us to successfully rise to the challenge of  change processes complete with diagnosis, design, implementation and process facilitation.

Entz von Zerssen, Caspari & Partners Coaching & Consulting was formally founded as a company  (PartG) 2015 in Berlin, Germany. Our operational seat is Basel, Switzerland.

We are affiliated with the following teams, think tanks and alliances:

Alderlore Insight Center / App Associates International 
Think Tank, Insight Architects, Generative Process Design

European Center for Leadership Practice ECLP
ECLP contributes to thought leadership in the field, links with advanced scholars and practitioners of leadership development, learns with clients and shares educational endeavors. The center provides Europe with the knowledge, resources and tools to advance the field of leadership development and practice. The services ECLP offers reflect the latest academic insights on leadership and are developed through extensive action research. Central to this are awareness-based practices.

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