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“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” Joseph Campbell 

The founding partners of EZCP are Johann Entz-von Zerssen, Anne Caspari, and Mushin J. Schilling. The multiple perspectives we hold and our deep understanding of complex adaptive systems and human nature allow us to successfully rise to the challenge of change processes complete with diagnosis, design, implementation, and process facilitation.

Managing Partners 

Johann Entz- von Zerssen: I subscribe to the above quote from Joseph Campbell since as a coach I understand my role to be the assistant to my clients and customers to step into the space of their ‘being’ wholeheartedly, to be able to face the challenges life throws at them every day. Over the past 20 years, I have come to understand how difficult and yet possible change for individuals and teams is once awareness and a willingness to address these challenges have surfaced. In my work, I make use of eclectic and tested pproaches based on developmental, systems, and complex adaptive systems theory and practice. My aim is to find a healthy balance for my clients between doing and being in the way they make decisions, overcoming learned resistances, integrating ‘immunities to change’ and thus becoming more authentic in their own personal development and in the way they show up in the world. I am a certified professional proactive coach (PCC) and work as faculty for coach training for the Coaches Training Institute (CTI). 

Anne Caspari: My specialty is transformational processes in all contexts, personal and organizational, long before it was called change management. Having studied ecology and having worked with ecosystems in the past, I can rely on a solid body of knowledge of how complex adaptive systems work and what tends to get in the way of self-organizing processes. Adding humans to the equation, these processes become even more complex and unpredictable for decision-makers and leaders. Where most change methods and theories promote an overly simplistic approach to transformative processes, I facilitate change from a deep understanding of how we can overcome resistance to change, and how to nudge human systems in a more generative direction from within. This work is deeply rewarding. It is completely practical and hands-on, yet based on adult development, complexity, and cognitive science. 

Hannes and I are both certified in the use of the Leadership Circle Profile TLC; Lectica’s Decision Making Assessment LDMA, The SenseMaker-Software and are part of the 5 people world-wide to conduct the Cynefin Base Camp courses for the Cynefin Company (Cognitive Edge). 

Mushin  J. Schilling:  International Software architect and consultant, change agent since 1988. Consultant with an emphasis on organizational development and strategy and personal change.



Expanded Team

Tomáš Hančil, PhD

BW for web (1).jpgMy work is rooted in developmental psychology and focuses on both organizations and individuals. I am using an interdisciplinary approach, combining psychology, philosophy, and natural sciences with management studies and theology. The questions I am trying to answer are: how can we make correct decisions in today’s complex world and how can today’s leaders be more effective in their everyday work. I am proud and honored to be part of the developmental journey of my clients. I firmly believe that personal growth is as difficult for a top manager of a multinational company as it is for a plumber. Personal maturity and practical wisdom are not dependent on social status. That is why I am focusing on personal development and particularly on how people think. We are now certain that the effectiveness of leadership is not based on technical skills or processes. The effectiveness of leaders is based on their ability to grow as people.

Bettina Geiken, PhD


My journey started with a Ph.D. in natural sciences, then I moved into EU-project design in international development for many years focusing on strategies for sustainable urban development and intercultural/institutional capacity building. Extensive awareness training around inner change alongside the project work with culturally highly diverse stakeholders led almost naturally to my current focus in adult development, complex-adaptive systems, and sensemaking. My strengths lie in picking up subtle signals in a system, sensing possible blind spots, trends as well as detecting resonating players from different fields. I thoroughly enjoy connecting co-creators and using, as the Tao describes it, “the creating factor of absence” to find the “creative gaps” wherever they might be needed. Understanding how to navigate complexity from the inside out bears so many unexplored opportunities. Happy to provide my services in 5 languages (de, en, it, fr, nl).

As EZC.partners, we are affiliated with the following teams, think tanks, and alliances:

Entz von Zerssen, Caspari & Partners Coaching & Consulting was formally founded as a company (PartG) in 2015 in Berlin, Germany. Our operation is based in Potsdam, Germany. Together we cover coaching, training, and process facilitation in the following languages: English, German, Italian, Czech, French, and Dutch. We work with EU projects and are registered supplier to the United Nations.


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