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 “People have a reservoir of talent worth discovering. They just have to be given the opportunity to discover it in themselves” Ricardo Semler

We find that leaders, managers, and other professionals know their job, and the respective challenges and solutions better than anybody else does. However, people often have difficulties making use of their tacit knowledge, are stuck in a particular perspective or are blocked by internal assumptions or outside constraints. This can result in limited leadership effectiveness or career advancement.

We help them unlock their innate intelligence, unblock any stuckness, and express their ‘reservoir’ of untapped resources and insights. We work with individuals one on one on their personal and leadership development.  

If we talk about change and transformation in the bigger picture, the pattern repeats at a different level.  Most people have an innate understanding that change is inevitable and often necessary, yet have difficulties with the implications and practicalities, as they often find themselves in circumstances that ask for a ‘predict and control’ plan to deal with non-linear processes, resistance, or relational power dynamics.

We are familiar with change and transformation as adaptive phenomena; we understand the resistances and immunities around change and know how to facilitate the processes needed to come out successful on the other side. We assist people and organizations in making sense of the complex environments they operate in.  

We deliver the following services:

Coaching & Personal Transformation

Once in a while, people reach the limits of their cognitive, behavioural, and relationship capacity. They want to change something personal, learn more, grow, or reinvent themselves on a different level.  We support them with a range of different approaches, from one on one coaching to facilitating personal change and transformation in workshop settings. 

At the heart of most lasting change is a realization around a limiting belief or protective assumption, that the person was unaware of holding or running on. We have many means to help people uncover these “patterns”. 

The more automatic limiting constructs and reactive tendencies are brought back into awareness and are being integrated deliberately, the more energy can be directed towards desired outcomes and creative competencies. 

Our approaches are:

    • One-on-one personal coaching, in-house, face to face or remotely via VOIP, as a package or single coaching impulses
    • Tailored assessments of personal capacities in terms of complexity thinking (LDMA, Lectical Decision Making Assessment), self-understanding (LSUA Lectical Self Understanding Assessment) or communication style (PCM); with debriefs and coaching as a package
    • Complete personal transformation cycles in residential courses (4 – 7 days)
    • Coaching packages or intensive course modules on specific themes such as:
      • Personal integrity,
      • Personal conflict
      • Lack of power/impact
      • Lack of alignment
      • Communication and feedback
      • Vertical development
      • Alignment with Purpose
      • Deep work for coaches and change workers

Read more about coaching and personal transformation here. 

Leadership Development 

Navigating through the tensions and ambiguities that characterize today’s business environment requires an adaptive mindset and solid leadership skills. Today’s leaders must be able to anticipate, analyze, and address complex challenges involving multiple stakeholders and they need a special capacity for generative listening that will enable them to reconcile conflicting demands and put effective decision-making into practice.

We work with leaders to empower them in their pursuit of dynamic and visionary leadership and career advancement. We support them to hone critical skills in self-development and personal transformation when faced with overwhelming challenges across a wide range of contexts and circumstances.

We deliver coaching and training on the topics of:

  • Leadership skill development on all levels
  • Leadership 360/LDMA/ TLC
  • Improving leadership effectiveness
  • Improving communication & feedback
  • Improving formal and informal decision-making processes
  • Real-time decision-making support
  • Developing complexity thinking and vertical development
  • Teaching coaching practices (HR and Agile Coaches/ Scrum Masters)
  • Supporting and facilitating team development

Read more about Leadership Development here. 

Change and Process Facilitation 

Change is a process, the outcome is emergent. We facilitate change processes in all contexts. As change and emergent behaviors occur as complex and dynamic processes, we don’t come with a ready-made plan, but with a deep understanding of what is involved. We assist leaders and decision-makers in the organization to broaden their understanding of their situation – and help them identify and resolve significant impediments that confront them. Uncertainty arises as opportunities. People resist change for a multitude of reasons, some of which are technical, most of which are adaptive and hidden from logic and technical understanding.

We work in the following domains:

  • Adaptive change and transformation
  • Team building processes
  • Values systems and values as emergent properties
  • Long-term culture development
  • Learning, mentoring, and vertical development
  • Participatory approaches, self-organization, and adaptive governance models
  • Sensemaking and real-time decision making support
  • Emergence and innovation

Read more about Process Facilitation here. 


Sense-making is the art of structuring those business and life domains that are too complex and unpredictable to act in them with a plan, mere technical knowledge, or a “predict and control” approach. It involves coming up with a plausible understanding of a shifting world and testing these ideas and assumptions within the system through probing and sensing. Sensemaking enables leaders to have a better grasp of what is going really on in their environments, as opposed to what they think is going on, or what they wish would be going on.

Sensemaking is the right approach to operating with the VUCA phenomena in the complex adaptive world, where – in the language of the Cynefin Framework – mere complicated and technical solutions won’t work.  With the right tools, we can tap into how people in organizations make sense of their leadership, their relationships, and their daily interactions. We can tap into that vast intelligence and get authentic, real-time, contextualized, and relevant data that the organization can use to resolve existing problems and challenges as well as tease out emergent trends and novel ideas.

In our opinion, this approach has immense potential that goes beyond organizational development. It applies to working in a much different way with communities, governance, climate change, refugees, environmental issues, projects, leadership development, and evaluation.

We work in the following domains:

  • Solving adaptive challenges in and between organizations, a problem with…. that is not solved merely by applying expert knowledge
  • Adaptive change and transformation, uncovering organizational blind spots
  • Culture mapping, including support with talent recruitment to match, change, or disrupt current culture
  • HR strategic support
  • Working with values as emergent properties
  • Resolving value clashes and conflicting perspectives
  • Support with long term culture development and change
  • Real-time decision making support
  • using the wisdom of the crowd
  • Fostering emergence and innovation
  • Citizen journalism

We collaborate closely with Dave Snowden and his team, Cognitive Edge, The Cynefin Company and the Cynefin Center and use the Sensemaker Suite to support this work. 

Read more about Sensemaking here. 

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