Sense and the City

and a Theory of Change This article was originally published in Paul van Schaik’s Urban Hub 21: Coming of Age – Dare to Dream (2020): It can be looked at here (pages 82ff), or bought here. Download the… Read More


Der folgende Artikel ist in der Online-Zeitschrift “Integrale Perspektiven” IP-2020: Integrale Politik erschienen: Die Politik der kleinen Schritte: Sensemaking und kollektive Veränderung unter komplexen Bedingungen. Von Anne Caspari (LiFT) Die zwei großen Krisen unserer Zeit, Covid-19 und… Read More

Scaling Micro-Changes

Group transformation processes, much like individual transformative processes, follow different phase with distinctly recognizable stages. According to these patterns, a skilled coach/facilitator can keep the individual or the group in the process. The main task is to counteract… Read More

Company Values and Mindset

are an emergent outcome, not prescribable.  Companies have become aware of the fact that core values – integrity, trust, fairness – can function as attractors that drive beneficial behaviours in the workplace. What they are not getting is… Read More