Leadership in Complex Times

Introduction to the foundations of navigating complexity in the workplace. Compbines the following features:

  • an Leadership Assessment (TLC as 360 or LDMA as scientific method to assess Decision Making in complexity), both as online component, including a debrief (1,5 hours)
  • a 2,5 days course combining the following elements:
    • introduction to complexity thinking and the Cynefin Framework
    • formal and informal decision making (individual/collective) in complex-adaptive domains
    • relational dynamics and how to lead
    • introduction into adult development and leadership action logics
  • 4 coaching sessions after the course

Next Courses:

December 3-5, 2018, Venue: Co-Creation Loft Berlin. Register here.

March 15- 17, 2019, Venue: Co-Creation Loft Berlin. Register here.

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