Our Services

“People have a reservoir of talent worth discovering. They just have to be given the opportunity to discover it in themselves” Ricardo Semler

We find that people, leaders, managers and other professionals know their jobs, their challenges and solutions better than anybody else does. We help them unlock this intelligence, unblock any stuckness and release their reservoir of untapped resources and insights.

Most people have an innate understanding about the nature of change, yet often enough they find themselves locked up in structures that ask for a ‘predict and control’ plan to deal with pushback, resistance and relational power dynamics. Ready-made plans disregard how change and transformation work and overlook the nature of human interactions, values and asymmetrical needs. We can help with that. We are intimately familiar with change and transformation as adaptive processes; we comprehend the resistances and immunities around these phenomena, and know how to facilitate the processes needed to come out shiny at the other side.

We deliver the following services.

Personal Transformation

We facilitate personal growth and transformation.

While we know the journey to increased leadership effectiveness and business performance is unique for everyone, we can provide a structure that supports and guides leaders on their developmental path. Using a variety of tools, including top-notch leadership assessments, training and coaching, leaders will transform from being unconsciously governed by self-limiting tendencies and learn to enhance their use of empowering creative competencies to increase leadership effectiveness and business performance. This shift will help leaders navigate through increasing levels of business complexity and better address the global challenges of today’s markets. Our favorite formats are:

  • one-on-one leadership and executive coaching, in house or via Skype
  • tailored assessments of leadership capacities in terms of complexity thinking (LDMA, scientific online assessment) or leadership effectiveness and relational dynamics in the workplace  (TLC/360); the assessment include the debrief sessions and follow up coaching as a package
  • Complete personal transformation cycles in residential courses (6 and 8 days). Download a description of a Transformation Intensive Course here.

Capacity Building and Skill Development 

We deliver training and workshops to individuals, groups and teams to gain more solid, robust and different skills in the following domains:

  • Leadership Skills
  • From Team Member to Team Lead: Managing People
  • Communication, giving & receiving Feed back
  • Values and value systems
  • Insight Training and Innovation
  • Team Development
  • Coaching practices (CTI based courses)
  • Leadership Effectiveness Skills and Decision Making
  • Complexity Thinking, Perspective Taking and Seeking
  • Integrating Reactive Tendencies

Process Facilitation & Organizational Change Work 

We facilitate change processes in all contexts, mostly with in-house training and consulting. For our take on managing complex adaptive challenges in organizations read up here.

  • U – Processes
  • Adaptive Change and Transformation
  • Team Building Processes
  • Insight and Innovation Processes
  • Learning, Mentoring and Development
  • Cynefin Framework
  • Sensemaker®-Tools by Cognitive Edge 




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