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“People have a reservoir of talent worth discovering. They just have to be given the opportunity to discover it in themselves” Ricardo Semler

We find that leaders, managers and other professionals know their jobs, its challenges and solutions better than anybody else does. We help them unlock this natural intelligence, remove any obstacles to emergent solutions and release their reservoir of untapped resources and insights.

Most people have an innate understanding about the nature of change, yet often enough they find themselves locked up in structures that applies a ‘predict and control’ strategy to deal with pushback, resistance and relational power dynamics. Fixed plans and predictions tend to disregard the dynamics of change and transformation and overlook the nature of human interactions, values and asymmetrical needs. We can help with that. We are intimately familiar with change and transformation as adaptive processes; we comprehend the resistances, ‘immunity to change’ and value clashes in life and in the workplace, and know how to facilitate the processes needed to come out shiny at the other side.

We deliver the following services:

Personal Transformation

We facilitate personal growth and transformation.

While we know the journey to growth and transformation is unique for everyone, we can provide scaffolding structures and generative processes that support and guide people on their change, transformation or developmental path. Using a variety of tools, including transformative coaching, state of the art assessments and training, people will shift away from being unconsciously governed by some self-limiting and reactive tendencies. They learn to use creative competencies to increase their internal power and alignment and external impact in the world. This shift will help them navigate through increasing levels of workplace and life complexity and better address the global challenges of today’s VUCA world.

Our favorite approaches are:

  • One-on-one personal coaching, in house, face to face or via Skype, as package or coaching impulses
  • Tailored assessments of personal capacities in terms of complexity thinking (LDMA, Lectical Decision Making Assessment) or self understanding (LSUA Lectical Self Understanding Asssement) or communication style (PCM); with debriefs and coaching as a packet.
  • Complete personal transformation cycles in residential courses (4 – 7 days): participants take a deep, undisturbed dive into their self system and learn how to identify hidden sabotage patterns and blockages. They train skills that enable them to dissolve ‘shadow materials’ or destructive habits and recreate new, empowering ones from a much wider choice and clarity. This training is specifically designed to help individuals make those personal and professional changes that are most important to them. This training requires uninterrupted time away from home and the willingness to take a closer look inside.
  • Coaching packages or intensive course modules on specific themes such as:
    • identities
    • personal integrity
    • team development
    • communication
    • working with conflict
    • emergence and innovation
    • values and value clashes

Leadership Development 

The context for leadership today includes dealing with global forces such as diversity, interdependence and continuous change. To take advantage of these forces, leaders must build adaptive capacity. This requires ongoing practice with deep learning, personal growth and developing new competencies.

We help cultivate this practice by using innovative and integrative leadership development practices that generate real impact for you, your team, your organization and community. We deliver coaching and training in the following domains:

  • Leadership skill development on all levels
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Communication & feedback
  • Formal and informal decision making processes
  • Real time decision making support
  • Complexity thinking and vertical development
  • Teaching coaching practices (HR and Agile Coaches/ Scrum Masters)
  • Team development
  • Integrating reactive tendencies in relational workplace development
  • Insight training and innovation for teams

Process Facilitation & Organizational Change Work 

We facilitate change processes in all contexts, mostly with in-house training and consulting. We assist leaders and decision-makers in the organization to broaden their  understanding of their situation on what is actually happening – and to help them identify and resolve significant impediments that confront them. For our take on managing complex adaptive challenges in organizations read up here.

We work in the following domains:

  • Adaptive change and transformation
  • Team building processes
  • Values systems and values as emergent properties
  • Long term culture development
  • Learning, mentoring and vertical development
  • Participatory approaches, self-organization and adaptive governance models
  • Sensemaking and real time decision making support
  • Emergence and innovation

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