Coaching in Complexity

What we offer

Coaching and Personal Transformation
We facilitate personal growth and transformation in one-on-one leadership and executive coaching, and transformative residential courses. We combine this, if wanted, with tailored assessments of leadership capacities in terms of complexity thinking (LDMA, scientific online assessment) or leadership effectiveness (TLC/360) and a learning and development path.

Leadership Development 
We deliver training and workshops to individuals, groups and teams to help them gain more solid, robust and different skills in the workplace domains, such as Leadership Decision Making, Communication and Feedback, Team Development, Values and Coaching Practices.

Process Facilitation & Change Work
We facilitate change processes in all contexts, mostly with in-house trainings or off-site, working with U-Processes, Team Building, Adaptive Change and Cultural Development, Learning and Development.

In organizational development, the key is to work with what is actually happening; not what should be happening. What are people really telling each other, their friends, peers and partners about their work?  We work with principles and tools that help tap into that vast intelligence and get authentic, real time, contextualized and relevant data (“warm data”) that you help make sense of existing problems and challenges as well as emergent trends and solutions?

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