Waysfinding in Complexity

31. Januar in Berlin, Germany with Sonja Blignaut & Johann Entz-von Zerssen:

There is a growing awareness that the organisations we work in are more like unpredictable and interconnected ecosystems than predictable machines. In these complex ecosystems, most of our models and “best practices” are no longer effective. Decision makers and facilitators often find that they are not equipped for this new world of work as prevailing management paradigms are based on assumptions of linearity, predictability, and certainty. Register here.

What is becoming increasingly apparent is that organisations that want to be fit for the future world of work will need to fundamentally shift not only work practices but also how they think, strategise and organise.

  • In this workshop, we will explore:
  • what complexity is (vs complicatedness)
  • where it comes from and why our contexts
    seem to be becoming more complex and
  • how to make sense of the contexts we are in
    and the problems we face
  • how facilitate emergent processes
  • re-thinking our approaches to change,
    culture and organisation design to
    enable adaptive organisations.

• Time to make sense of, and integrate the new ideas with your own knowledge and unique context.
• Introduce models for navigating and working in complex
systems, integrating a lot of Dave Snowden’s and other thought leader’s work including the Cynefin framework.
• Help you identify suitable contexts and problems in your working environment where you can immediately apply the new thinking.
• Enable participants with practical tools and techniques to harness
and work with emergence.
• Briefly introduce to existing products/processes that might be used as low-
risk pilots to introduce the ideas to your organization.

Costs: € 800 including VAT; coffee breaks included.

Sonja Blignaut has been practically applying ideas from complexity sciences for almost 2 decades. She is a consultant, facilitator and thinking partner to leaders, practitioners and change-makers who need to navigate
uncertainty, enable flow and create future-fit organisations.
Based in South Africa, Sonja looks after the global Cynefin Network for Cognitive Edge, and has been Prof Dave Snowden’s exclusive South African partner since 2007.
Feel free to explore her thinking on her blog www.morebeyond.co.za/blog
Johann Entz-von Zerssen is a long term coach and leadership trainer, focusing on individual leadership development and organisational change. In his work he sees on a daily basis how important it is that leaders understand the differences between technical issues and complex adaptive challenges. In the last years he found the work with the Cynefin Framework and Sensemaking the missing link to operating with the VUCA phenomena in the complex adaptive world, where mere complicated and technical solutions won’t work.

Read more about it here and download the Flyer: Waysfinding Complexity Jan 2020.  Register via email: contact@ezc.partners or here.

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