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Once in a while people want to change something personal, learn more, grow or reinvent themselves on a different level. We facilitate personal growth and transformation in one-on-one personal/executive coaching, and transformative residential courses. We combine this, if wanted, with tailored assessments of leadership capacities in terms of complexity thinking (LDMA, scientific assessment) or leadership effectiveness (TLC/360) and a learning and development path.

Navigating through the tensions and ambiguities that characterize today’s business environment requires an adaptive mindset and solid leadership skills. We work with leaders to empower them in their pursuit of dynamic and visionary leadership and career advancement. We support them to hone critical skills in self-development and personal transformation when faced with overwhelming challenges across a wide range of contexts and circumstances.

Change is a process, the outcome is emergent. We facilitate change processes in all contexts. As change and emergent behaviors occur as complex and dynamic processes, we don’t come with a ready made plan, but with a deep understanding of what is involved. We assist leaders and decision-makers in the organization to broaden their understanding of their situation – and to help them identify and resolve significant impediments that confront them.

Sensemaking is the art of structuring those business and life domains that are too complex and unpredictable to act in them with a plan, mere technical knowledge or a “predict and control” approach.  It involves coming up with a plausible understanding of a shifting world and testing these ideas and assumptions within the system through probing and sensing. Sensemaking enables leaders to have a better grasp of what is going really on in their environments, as opposed to what they think is going on, or what they wish would be going on.

Upcoming Events

  1. Transformation Intensive

    July 26 @ 9:30 am - August 1 @ 4:30 pm UTC+1

Transformation Intensive Course May 11 – 17, 2019, Umbria, Italy

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