Emergent Themes in Organizational Life

Principles, Practices, Processes  –  October 27 – 29, 2017
A 3-day intensive on the fundamentals of Open Participatory Organizations with Bonnitta Roy from APP Associates, CT, USA

This workshop is about a kind of organizational development that deals with self-organization, elegant architectures and those principles that foster emergent behavior, team intelligence, distributive power and decision-making – without rigid new governance models.

We will explore and examine the key principles, central practices and deep processes of open authentic participation in organizational life.

These will be some of our topics:

  • looking at what is actually happening, drivers and modulators of values and behaviors 
  • succeeding with uncertainty
  • how self organization happens and why we can trust it
  • how values both enable and constrain participation
  • expanding our trust network
  • creating a realist position from an idealist position
  • intention, identity and interaction in group dynamics
  • negotiating power relations
  • how to hold strategic conversations in four languages of change
  • participatory governance
  • how resource allocations drive innovation (or not)
  • assessing team action-potentials
  • building team synergy and high velocity performance
  • method-free facilitation
  • catalyzing insight in teams
  • creativity and cognitive flow

Playing with complex adaptive and complex responsive systems, participants will gain a new understanding of the nature of emergent processes. We explore new guidance and design principles for organizational life.

We look at how to negotiate organizational and personal intentions, value streams and identities, how to solve the tension between asymmetrical needs and the distribution of energy, decision making and power in a group.

We look at the design of the architecture of the organizational space– one that allows for the release of artificially built up complexity, for emergent behavior and novelty to arise.

We experiment with the four languages of change, that are at the core of Bonnie’s new approach: “I call this new design The Open Participatory Organization, or OPO for short. The OPO is a fully integrated design. It is an open architecture that is supported by a participatory communications platform and is backed-up by a governance that evolves as the organization evolves”. At the end, we explore why this really matters: we are working and living in environments where we have to make choices when we cannot predict outcomes. Knowing how to allow group dynamics to be emergent becomes invaluable. Download the flyer.



Leaders, managers, consultants, agile team members, executive coaches, and students of organizational theory; early adopters of agile operations and responsive organizations; change- makers focusing on next generation workforce; facilitators interested in cutting edge group practice; business owners and corporate executives responsible for organizational learning; business, organizational, and management scholars researching emergent themes in organizational life.

This course is also the first in a 4-Part Series Certification Workshop. Here is a link to the second course: Perspectives from Complexity Science. More about Bonnitta Roy’s work here in her blog posts.

Course details


Dates: October 27 – 29, 2017 

Please arrive on Thursday, October 26 and leave Sunday, October 29, after 3 pm.

Costs: 1250, – Euro plus VAT (19%). All inclusive: 3 days workshop, accomodation and full board. Internet fully available. Ask for group discounts. Write to anne.caspari@ezc.partners for more details and registration.

Place: House Schmagerow, Ramin, Germany. Nearest airport Berlin (D) or Szczecin (PL). Transport from airports with airport busses from Berlin to Szczecin, or with the train to Pasewalk. We pick you up at the train station. Taxi transport or pooling can be arranged.

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