Women’s Leadership Course

“In the future, there will be no female leaders. There will be just leaders.” Sheryl Sandberg

We offer a powerful, insightful and practical course to support senior level leaders who want to improve their (self-)leadership, follow their purpose and create impact.

Next Course:  June 16 – 20, 2019,  Venue: to be defined.

Adaptive Skills for a complex world 

Today’s leaders must be prepared to anticipate, analyse, and address complex challenges involving multiple stakeholders as efficiently and effectively as possible. They need a special set of skills and capacities that will enable them to put effective leadership into practice. Navigating through the tensions and ambiguities that characterize today’s workplace demands an adaptive mindset and solid self-leadership.

The goal of this cutting-edge Leadership Programme is to empower senior level female leaders in their pursuit of adaptive and thoughtful leadership. Critical skills in self-leadership will be developed in confronting difficulties and taking decisions across a wide range of contexts and circumstances.

Transformation and Effective Leadership

The programme will be conducted in English. Our approach is grounded in adult development and leadership (Robert Kegan, Kurt Fischer and Ronald Heifetz, Harvard University) yet thoroughly experiential and applicable across a wide range of cultural contexts. The focus is on two fundamental aspects of effective leadership.

  • First, we use transformative coaching so that participants can identify and integrate the individual hidden patterns and reactive tendencies which hamper their success and positive impact as leaders.
  • Second, we strengthen and build adaptive skills in effective leadership and decision-making.

In combination, this allows participants to follow their own tailored learning and development trajectory and to handle complexity, ambiguity, and real life decision making with greater ease and mastery. Participants learn to manage work situations where they previously felt trapped effectively.

Challenges, such as gender or cultural biases are explored from the perspective of personal power and responsibility. See testimonials from previous participants.

The Programme 

This is a transformative journey towards effective leadership with the following features:

  • A four-day intensive on-site course focusing on:
    • Overcoming limiting and self-sabotaging assumptions;
    • Turning reactive tendencies into creative ones;
    • Developing skills and capacities that enable effective decision making in the face of uncertainty;
    • Strengthening the ability to coordinate multiple perspectives, practicing contextual thinking and honing leadership skills in complex environments;
    • A personalized learning and development roadmap;
  • Two individual online coaching sessions after the on-site course;
  • Exclusive access to a multitude of leadership development resources

The methods used are grounded in theory and are gender-neutral.

The number of participants will be limited to 12 in order to guarantee an intensive and tailored experience.

Optional: Measuring Complexity and Decision Making Skills

For those interested, they can add Lectical Decision Making Assessment (LDMA), a leading measurement instrument that accurately assesses decision-making skills along some major leadership dimensions: (1) cognitive complexity, (2) perspective taking skills, (3) the capacity to collaborate with others, (4) contextual thinking, (5) decision-making process, and (6) coherence. The online assessment will be tailored to the organizational setting and responsibilities of the participant, who will explain their approach to a common dilemma in the workplace involving conflicting interests. A customized report shows the contours of current thinking and decision making, along with learning practices towards further leadership development. There is an additional fee for the LDMA attached. Please ask for details.


For information on registration, content or logistics, please contact anne.caspari@ezc.partners. Please note that your registration is only complete once you have transferred the programme fee. We will contact you with support and information.

Course Details

Costs: € 3350,- plus VAT Costs include 4 days intensive on-site training and three individual coaching session after the training. Travel, board and lodging are not included.

Early Bird ceases 1 month prior to the course: € 2950,– plus VAT. Costs include 4 days intensive on-site training and three individual coaching session after the training. Travel, board and lodging are not included.

Venue: to be defined.

Lead Trainers 

Anne Caspari and Johann Entz-von Zerssen each have more than 15 years’ experience working with personal transformation, coaching and Leadership Development worldwide. Anne works with innovative adult development methods. She has taught at several universities, including Rome University “La Sapienza” and the European School of Economics. Johann, with 15 years of corporate leadership experience, works as faculty and leadership trainer for the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and the University of Munich, for individuals, groups and numerous organizations at all levels of leadership. They joined forces in 2014 to bring personal leadership training to the next level. Both are accredited in a variety of leadership and coaching methods, including CTI Coaches Training Institute, Hogan Assessments, Process Communication Model (Kahler), The Leadership Circle 360˚, Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching Certified (ORSC), and Lectica.

Assistant TrainerFotos Christoph-2923

Katja Firus

Katja Firus, economist, is a partner and senior consultant of T6 Ecosystems srl in Italy. Her main focus is facilitating and coordinating international teams, mainly active in the field of research on the impacts of climate change. For many years she has worked on personal transformation and coaching, in close collaboration with the two lead trainers. She is a LEAD fellow with specific qualification in sustainability leadership and working with intercultural teams.

Course Director 

Blanka Bellak works with Leadership Associates. Between 2014 and 2017 Blanka was the Director of the Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR) at the Peace Castle Schlaining. With more than 15 years of programming, evaluation and executive management experience in international security and development from the UN and other international organizations, Blanka is passionate about supporting individuals and organizations in their efforts to develop effective leadership skills.  (www.leadership.associates).

Featured photo on top: Nike, the Winged Victory of Samothrace. 


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