Capacity Building

“The illiterate of the future will be those who cannot feel”. Bonnitta Roy

We deliver trainings and workshops to individuals, groups and teams to gain more solid, robust and different skills in the following domains:

  • Leadership Skills
  • From Team Member to Team Lead: Managing People
  • Communication, giving & receiving Feed back
  • Values and value systems
  • Insight Training and Innovation
  • Team Development
  • Coaching practices (CTI based courses)
  • Leadership Effectiveness Skills and Decision Making
  • Complexity Thinking, Perspective Taking and Seeking
  • Integrating Reactive Tendencies

We offer trainings and transformative intensive courses, that are a fast track for adult development and developemental growth.

In personal development, we teach our participants and coachees fundamental skills that are the prerequisite for vertical development: the ability to feel, the ability to direct one’s attention, and the ability to dis-identify from a previously held view-point.

In leadership skill development, we work with our client’s ability to take, seek and coordinate perspectives, contextual thinking, and complexity management. We help them grow more solid in their core skills of leadership and decision making, so they are able to mind the complexity gap and reduce reactive tendencies. We use top diagnostic and formative assessments to support optimal and robust learning and development.  (LDMA/Lectica & TLC/ The Leadership Circle).

In faciliating processes, we teach our clients the ability to work with systems without increasing artificial complexity and evoking adaptive pushback. We work building capacities to participate fully and authentically in value creation and in organizational life with emergent outcomes and behaviors.





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