Shadow work

This picture below (please excuse yet another iceberg image, but it is so fitting) should be self-explanatory. This is also what we are doing in our Transformation Intensive Courses, where we go down to that level at day 2 (of a 7 days course). Then the real fun starts, cleaning up, lightening up and prototyping personal stuff. Just imagine what you could accomplish.

The only other thing that might need an explanation is shadow work and the Lucky Luke Move. If your reactive patterns, most importantly the ones you are now aware of, are called “shadow”, mostly from fans of Jung and some of us Integral Theory People. It is mostly things that you get triggered by or you don’t want to be with that stuff. Most of the time it is disowned and pushed to the subconscious and hidden there (hence: deeper iceberg layers), or pushed outside your self-boundaries and projected onto others. They seem the source of your reaction (hence: shadow). If you learn to be aware of, identify, and be faster than your f**cking fast shadow moves, you got it.  The picture above shows the Master at work: The Man who draws faster than his Shadow. While never quite reaching this level, this is what we do at the TI courses ;-). 

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